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Call for Proposals


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Call for Proposals

We are looking for innovative ways that educators engage their students; leaders inspire and support their staff; and school communities ensure the success of their students. As educators, how do we create an environment for students to explore, enhance their learning and expand their horizons?  The innovate conference will highlight tools, strategies and ideas that will help attendees think in new ways. It may be a big idea…or a small tweak that makes a big difference.

Innovation can be a BIG leap…or BABY steps…but it always improves and strengthens an existing program, practice or process.  It doesn’t have to be flashy. Is it effective? Does it make an impact? Does it ultimately lead to student success? Then we want to hear from you! 

Submit a short video on Flip (formerly Flipgrid) on a session you would facilitate within the content area of leadership, technology, culture, belonging, wellness or design. Your 60-second video should serve as a promotion of your session. Think of it as a commercial for attendees.

Your video should answer these questions:

• Why is your practice INNOVATIVE? 

• What will people LEARN?

• What will people DO?

• What will people APPLY?

But most importantly, let your PERSONALITY shine through!

Are you IN?