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Discovery Education


Discovery Education
Enhancing classrooms with rich multimedia that is proven to increase student achievement, Discovery Education Streaming provides exclusive curated collections, instructional strategies, pre-built lessons and a library of more than 111,000 standards-aligned digital resources that give teachers the resources they need to reach all learners.

All learning objects are designed for easy integration into a curriculum with hundreds of ready-to-use instructional supports and student activities.

  • Embedded support through closed-captioning, transcripts, text-to-speech and native language support service
  • Video library features exclusive, award-winning titles from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel including The Fixies, Outrageous Acts of Science and The Magic School Bus
  • Enhanced search tools, including curriculum standards search and a monthly calendar, help educators identify relevant lesson content
  • Thousands of nonfiction text, audiobooks and podcasts
  • Over 500 new media assets are added every month that connect teachers to the latest updates, research and news
  • STEM Connect brings to life real-world science, technology, engineering and math concepts connecting students to STEM activities and career exploration
  • Embedded Studio Quizzes enables teachers to gauge student progress, check for understanding and utilize the results to identify areas of strength and address areas requiring improvement
  • Integrated chat and collaboration tools support remote and hybrid group projects


All educators in EdPlus Member Districts have free access to Discovery Education. If you need assistance with login information, contact Catherine Patterson at

School districts who are not EdPlus members can contact Jason Schroeder at or 314-692-1245 for pricing and account management to unlock the full Discovery Education experience.