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Provide an ongoing system of learning and support designed to strengthen the capacity and influence of our educators and educational leaders

CSIP Development Support
Designed to help districts in build capacity, create and integrate an effective Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). As part of MSIP-6, a district’s CSIP plan will be 30% of the continuous improvement APR score.

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Leadership Academy (June 13-June 16, 2023)
A nationally recognized, professional development opportunity for school leaders to explore effective leadership practices through learning experiences, cohort meetings and interactions with local and national experts. Academy participants are selected through an application process.

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Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS)
Designed to provide practical learning responsive to the diverse and challenging demands of leadership roles at all stages of a career. Grow your collaborative network and transformational leadership skills through a year-long cadre of professional learning experiences specifically tailored to develop your capacity across multiple domains of leadership. 

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Missouri Teacher Development System (MTDS)
Created to help support new teachers, early career teachers, teacher mentor and future teacher leaders with professional development to enhance their skills, provide networking opportunities and retain educators within our schools. This program also includes a Grow Your Own cohort to help identify and recruit new teachers.

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Teachers Academy
A year-long program that meets monthly for teachers to acquire and expand their knowledge of the pedagogical skills necessary to meet the needs of today's classrooms. An essential element of the experience is to collaborate and share. Academy fellows are expected to implement their new learning and share their experiences.

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