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8 AM Sessions


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8 am sessions

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Patrick Keenoy and Michael Wheeler, Mehlville School District

Learn how “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” emphasizes that our school's culture serves as the cornerstone of our work, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and succeed.

Engage in discussions and activities designed to explore and cultivate a culture that empowers individuals to flourish within the school environment.

Gain practical insights and strategies to implement in your own school settings, fostering a culture that supports the growth and well-being of students and staff.

Strands: Culture, Leadership

The Good, Bad and Ugly of AI in Education

Merlyn Mind, CDW Education

Jump into active engagement around the good, the bad and the ugly of AI in education.

Debate, listen and possibly shift your mindset around AI in education? Go into the next school year with an open mind and ideas of how to navigate the possibilities of AI in education.

Discover the first safe AI (Merlyn Mind) classroom assistant that will change the classroom!

Strands: Technology

Innovative Math Instruction

Abby Smith, EducationPlus

Learn what current research is saying about best math instructional practices, focusing now more on the process over the product.

Engage in conversations about your own math experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, and how that has shaped your mathematical mindset.

Apply your new learning around research-based math practices that promote positive mathematical mindsets and mathematical thinking.

Strands: Culture, Design

Innovator's Mindset

Laura Boccanfuso, Featured Speaker

Effective innovation typically begins with a mindset of curiosity, play and determination to solve a challenge or problem. Research shows that when we discover problems, people tend to add complexity to a problem, rather than streamline or subtract from it to find a solution.

Learn techniques for developing an innovator's mindset and how you can cultivate that skill in yourself and others.

Strands: Culture

SEL in 10 Minutes or Less

Kim Elder and Christie Scott, City of St. Charles School District

Transform your classroom with proven SEL strategies that can be implemented in 10 minutes or less!

Learn and participate in short, effective SEL strategies.

Gain SEL strategies that you can utilize throughout your school day with minimal to no prep time!

Strands: Culture, Wellness

Unveiling Tokenism: The Flip Side of Exclusion

Featured Speaker Sheldon Eakins

In today's pursuit of developing a sense of belonging in schools, it is crucial to recognize the dangerous pitfalls that lie on the path.

Delve into the topic of the opposite of exclusion: tokenism. Explore tokenism, often masked as inclusion, and how it creates the illusion of representation while perpetuating systemic barriers.

Discover insightful research and real-world examples while unraveling the complexities of tokenism and its detrimental impact on students.

Learn how to create a truly inclusive environment through practices and policies that actively embrace and empower the diverse identities within our communities.

Strands: Belonging, Design

Vitamin E(ducator)

Jessica Arico, City of St. Charles School District

Learn how nutrition and movement tailored specifically for educators can significantly impact your overall life and job satisfaction.

Identify your personal goals and develop a plan to implement new, attainable physiological goals tailored to an educator's needs.

Apply your new knowledge about movement and nutrition to your own unique life patterns and habits.

Strands: Culture, Wellness