• Restorative Practices
       It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ~ Frederick Douglass 
    Restorative Practices build strong children by fostering healthy relationships and providing a way back when those relationships are damaged through harm.  These practices are cultivated in culture of equity and ethical development; in places where people think about core values, strive to bring their best selves to work and relationships, and what to make things right when they mess up.  
    The structure and strategies of Restorative Practices are unpacked in the CharacterPlus Restorative Practices Academy.  But the stuff that makes it worth the effort is glimpsed in action. This group of Oakland (California) high school students translate the protocols of a Community Building Circle into a level of connection that is authentic and powerful. So powerful that it can unmask defenses, inspire accountability, put a voice to pain, included those easy to excel, navigate conflict, and heal.  

    The students from Parkway Northeast Middle School are closer to home that Oakland's leaders. They show Restorative Practices Academy participants how to become Circle-Keepers by facilitating circles with them.
    Adult RP Circle
    Parkway NE Middle RP Team