CharacterPlus Consulting for Whole School Transformation

    Your staff and students will benefit from on-site CharacterPlus Consulting services –– whether it’s school-wide climate assessment or customized trainings designed for your school’s needs.

    School-wide Climate and Culture Assessment

    CharacterPlus Consulting will perform a comprehensive assessment of your school climate and culture to fully understand and appreciate your school. Based on a day-long visit, we will make recommendations that will take your school to the next level.  

    Our visit will include:  
    • Interviews with teachers, students, administrators, support staff, parents and community members about the current school climate.
    • Observations in the halls, classrooms, playground, teachers’ lounge, busses and other key locations.
    • A walk-through evaluation of the school’s climate and culture.
    • An optional survey of students, staff and parents that can provide data surrounding school climate and culture.

    After the on-site assessment is complete, CharacterPlus Consulting will prepare a report that identifies strengths, weaknesses, areas for growth and recommended next steps. You will also receive a self-assessment tool which can be used up to six months after implementation of changes. Follow-up visits and assessments are also available after the recommended plan has been implemented.

    Customized Trainings

    Before each training session, we will provide a self-assessment tool to aid in understanding your school’s status in relation to the specific area of focus. Customized trainings will be designed from the assessment and your stated goals, based on the most critical elements of character development. These focused trainings will provide your staff the necessary tools to reach the next level in transforming school culture.

    Customized trainings are available in these areas:

    • Student Leadership
    • Staff Culture
    • Support Staff and Bus Drivers
    • Parent Academies
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Service Learning
    • District Leadership Development
    • Data-Based Planning and Goal Setting

    Learn more today! Contact Erin Lee, elee@edplus.org or call 314.692.1252.