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    Transform Your School Culture 

    The CharacterPlus Way is an important part of a successful character education program, which we implement in district or individual schools during a three-year process.
    This district-wide evidence-based school reform program develops a healthy school culture using data driven planning, intrinsic student motivation and collaborative classroom practices. Throughout the process these comprehensive and sustainable strategies ensure positive results such as improved academic achievement, fewer discipline referrals, and a strong sense of belonging. 
    Proven Results 
    More than 200 schools representing urban, rural and suburban communities from three different states achieved evidence-based results that showed a dramatic improvement in school environment, pro-social and moral behavior. Math scores increased by as much as 54% and reading scores by as much as 47%. Test scores in moderately achieving schools increased nearly 50%. School communities became more caring and student discipline referrals dropped significantly, particularly in areas related to bullying behavior.
    Click here for the results published in the Journal of Moral Education, Volume 40, 2011. Monograph of study results available here
    The Process
    The CharacterPlus Way is implemented in a two phase approach. In Phase 1, the process begins with the foundation including community involvement, character education policy, character traits, data-based planning and evaluation and staff development. Phase 2 makes it happen with curriculum integration, classroom and school wide practices, networking, experiential and service-learning, reflection and planning. The process takes place over a minimum of 42 months.
    The CharacterPlus Way is implemented on the district level and typically starts several months before the implementation training.
    Find out how the CharacterPlus Way can transform your school, help increase academics and reduce disciplinary problems. Contact Erin Lee 314.692.1252 or elee@edplus.org 

  • National Registry of Evidenced-Based Programs and Practices

    Because of the results of this federally-funded study, CharacterPlus Way has been registered on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Click here to see the listing. Because the CharacterPlus Way is registered with NREPP, schools may be able to use Title Funds to implement CharacterPlus Way.