CharacterPlus is one of the key forces in bullying prevention in the St. Louis region. Through the years, we have hosted leading experts in the field of bullying and cyberbullying prevention. We now provide an online resource and Student Leadership Summits (LINK) at the Middle and High school level that focus on cyberbullying and bullying prevention.
    Online Study & Implementation Guide based on Schools Where Everyone Belongs, by Stan Davis 
    Schools Where Everyone Belongs

    Developed in cooperation with Stan Davis, this resource supports school leadership and faculty ready to build an infrastructure that supports bullying prevention. It takes dedicated time and an empowered staff leader to conduct professional development sessions and move the faculty through essential phases identified in Schools Where Everyone Belongs. This resource provides Powerpoints, discussion questions and assignments for each phase of the process.

    Accessible through Moodle.
    For more information, please contact Erin Lee at 314.692.1252 or elee@edplus.org.