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    AlignSTL began with the realization that schools, service providers and organizations are working hard to support kids in our region, but are often unaware of what opportunities exist or unsure of how to develop strategic partnerships. As a result, ideas never get off the ground, partnerships are short-lived and we’re still struggling to serve the needs of our students.

    Educators and community organizations gathered at the inaugural AlignSTL conference in March 2018 to create new strategies and partnerships to tackle the issues at hand and strengthen our region’s network supporting the needs of our students.
    We want to keep the conversations going and the connections growing!

    Through a series of breakfast events, the AlignSTL Series will take a closer look at each of the priority outcomes identified by Ready by 21 and highlight vetted community organizations with access to quality supports for students. These learning and collaboration sessions will build on the groundwork laid by the inaugural AlignSTL group and further strengthen our connections.

    January 29: Career Readiness

    February 26: Access to Health Care

    March 14: Kindergarten Readiness

    April 11: Social and Emotional Skill Development

    May 2: Youth Engaged in Community


     Keep the conversation going! #AlignSTL 

    AlignSTL is a collaborative effort of EducationPlus and their resources, CharacterPlus and the St. Louis RPDC, and Ready by 21.




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