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    AlignSTL was two days full of networking, collaborating, audacious ideas, big asks and questionstorming. We’ve captured many of the resources that were shared and created during the conference.

    We started out with a set of shared regional statistics that helped identify the state of the child in the St. Louis region. Participants learned about exemplary regional programs that area schools could join our replicate. 

    And then the fun began! We asked participants to share their audacious ideas and big asks. We used the collective brain power of the room to help answer some of these asks. A process that shows how the power of many can help one. We did some questionstorming and brainstorming around participant chosen topics, throwing out “What if…” with those interested getting together to brainstorm the perfect world answers to these “what if?” ideas. We captured all the ideas around the key topics discussed during the conference.