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    AlignSTL Conference 

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    What would happen if St. Louis-area social service agencies, emergency service providers & educational leaders were in the same room?

    AlignSTL will bring together champions and advocates for kids to learn, collaborate, innovate and create a plan of action to improve the overall health and readiness of the children in our region.

    AlignSTL will provide an opportunity to:

    • explore student needs from different perspectives through the lens of equity
    • create awareness of resources and supports that currently exist
    • build a dialogue between service providers and educators
    • invent fresh ideas and solutions to approach key issues and problems
    • design plans of action to create stronger and lasting partnerships


    On Day One, gain new insight into the region’s “state of the child”. Learn about what’s working across our region including how organizations have created strategic partnerships and used innovative approaches to address a young person’s ability to meet life’s responsibilities in any stage or setting. 

    On Day Two, work together within impact teams to design innovative frameworks to improve the overall health and well-being of the children in our region.  Leave with a plan of action and an engaged network to create a stronger system of support for our area youth.

    Attend as a team or on your own.  Either way, you’ll leave as part of a community dedicated to collaboratively creating healthy students throughout the St. Louis area! Join us @EducPlus at #AlignSTL.

    Keynote Speaker - Michael McGill, Jr.
    Michael McGill, Jr. Michael McGill, Jr. is an accomplished empowerment speaker & lecturer, best-selling author, award-winning teen & family intervention counselor, and T.V personality who has been featured on both local and national networks- including FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC. With a strong background in urban education, conflict resolution, and a graduate background in family development (psychology), Michael has a robust passion for empowering teens and families to overcome obstacles and live healthy lives. His mission is simple, yet complex: to call out the overcomer in teens & young adults, as well as, to teach them how to fall in love with themselves and make integrity-based, fruitful decisions! In addition to youth & family development, McGill is a strong advocate for educational equity and social justice. Michael desires to light the world- one family at a time.
    AlignSTL is a collaborative effort of Ready by 21 and EducationPlus and their resources, CharacterPlus and the St. Louis RPDC.
    For more information, please contact Dr. Julie Sperry at jsperry@edplus.org or Dr. Jennifer Tiller, Chief Academic Officer of EducationPlus at jtiller@edplus.org. 
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