• Discounted Pricing On Learning Resources Prepared Specifically for Private and Parochial Schools
    Your school will qualify for 15% discounted pricing on all professional learning events with our Learning Value Pack!
    K-8 School fewer than 225 Students $ 800
    K-8 School more than 225 Students $1500
    High School fewer than 225 Students $1100
    High School more than 225 Students $1900
    Professional Learning
    EducationPlus offers classes, workshops, customized learning and conferences throughout the year on topics that are critical in today’s schools.  Workshops focus on integrating technology into the classroom, implementing the Missouri Learning Standards, working with students with special needs, and much more.  EducationPlus continues to offer customized on-site professional development designed and delivered specifically to meet your school needs.  From Assessment to Zero Tolerance, our team will call upon in-house and regional experts to assure that your staff has a dynamic learning experience.
    Your school will qualify for a 15% discounted price on all of our professional learning events with the Learning Value Pack.
    A full schedule of upcoming professional development opportunities, along with pricing information, can be found at edplus.org.

    METC Membership
    The Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) is our local affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). With the Learning Value Pack your school will be enrolled as members of METC.  Benefits of membership include access to special resources, discounts on various products, and specialized professional development opportunities. Learn more about METC at METCedplus.org

    Professional Learning Networks
    EducationPlus supports more than twenty job-alike groups in the Greater St. Louis region. Each Professional Learning Network is unique in its structure and content. They meet at various locations and times throughout the year.  With the Learning Value Pack you will have the opportunity to make new connections through numerous PLNs.

    Discovery Education Streaming
    Discovery Education Streaming provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 111,000 standards-aligned digital resources that address multiple learning styles, support Missouri Learning Standards, and inspire students to explore their world. With the Learning Value Pack, every teacher in your school will have access to this rich library of resources.

    Discovery Education Streaming enhances curricula and engages today’s students in learning through instructional videos, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles. The service connects your classrooms to the world through streaming video and other valuable resources.
    Read What Others are Saying
    St. John’s Lutheran and the METC...Every February the students at St. John’s Lutheran in Ellisville get a few extra days off so that their teachers can attend the annual Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) Conference, a program of EducationPlus. Principal Spencer Peregoy identified the METC as the most important professional development his teachers can take part in annually.  “As a school we woke up to the fact that we need to use more technology to engage students in the classroom, like SMART Boards, laptops and iPads,” he says.  “We want our staff to be exposed to the kind of thinking that happens at METC and to see where the world of education is going.”

    Peregoy says that in a small school like theirs, teachers can attend METC on Tuesday and Wednesday, and implement the new practices they’ve learned on Thursday.  “Our students get a whole new level of instruction because the teachers have learned new ways to use the tools they have,” he says.  “If we are going to call ourselves a 21st century school, we must do something to make that happen.”
    For details on the Learning Value Pack for Private and Parochial Schools and additional services available from EducationPlus, please contact Stephanie Madlinger at 314.692.1212 or smadlinger@edplus.org.