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     Gateway2change First Summit - January 15, 2015

    G2C First Summit  
    On January 15, 2015 more than 100 student leaders from 14 St. Louis area high schools were guided through an intentional process of race dialogue, problem identification and solution ideation before being asked to present solution ideas to the entire group. Using #gateway2change as the resounding theme throughout, their focus question was: How can we, as student leaders with a forward thinking, solution focused orientation, help offer solutions to create a better St. Louis?

    Ultimately, after all students presented, the entire group voted on the 1 student-generated solution to work on together. As a group, students chose to begin a Sibling Schools (Sister & Brother) partnership network across St. Louis to learn from one another and cultivate increased understanding. Video from January 15 summit. (Videos created by the Ritenour High school media team led by Jane Bannester) Media provided by KRHS Media, Ritenour High School.


    Gateway2change Second Summit - February 25, 2015

    Second Summit Image On February 25, 2015 student leaders reconvened at Ritenour High School to continue propelling their positive momentum to create a #gateway2change. At the event, we were honored to welcome distinguished guests including the Missouri Commissioner of Education, Dr. Margie Vandeven, as well as student leaders from 6 additional High Schools.
    The event included updates from each Sibling School partnership about their initial meetings and exciting progress. Next, Jaylen Bledsoe, one of the phenomenal student leaders engaged in the movement, hosted a student panel comprised of one student leader from each school. Student panel participants dialogued about race, ways to move forward constructively and took questions from the live audience and Twitter. 

    Gateway2change Third Summit - May 8, 2015 

    Guided by the day's theme of "Know our History. Create our Future...", students engaged in activities and were exposed to learning opportunities which helped illuminate the historical context of racial tensions in our community. We discussed how, in understanding the larger historical context of race relations in our community, student leaders can be increasingly empowered to catalyze constructive change. 

    This summit offered students the opportunity to continue their work to support the two goals of the Student Summit on Race Movement:

     1. Help students feel empowered with access to a forum where they can be heard
     2. Establish a format where student ideas are translated into actions that benefit the community
    Additionally, students learned new techniques related to positive communication and conflict resolution. Students, encouraged to share progress with their Sibling School connections, were afforded significant time to dialogue and connect with peers from other schools by sharing their stories.
    Video highlights from the May 8 Know our History. Create our Future event.
     (Videos courtesy the Ladue High School media team led by Don Goble)

  • Gateway2change Fourth Summit- June 16-18, 2015

    Fourth Summit  
    Student Summit on Race: Social Systems Design 

    We were honored to partner with Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and Ritenour School District to host the forth Gateway2change Student Summit on Race with a focus on Social Systems Design. The 3-day, hands-on summit was held on Washington University’s campus and afforded Gateway2change students the opportunity to learn about and use innovative analysis techniques to generate discussion about, and solutions for, systemic social issues. With direction from Wash U’s esteemed faculty including Dr. Peter Hovmand and Megan Odenthal, students from Jennings and Ritenour High Schools, who are working with the Social System Design Lab, led this event in collaboration with other Wash U staff.

    Please watch the event videos provided by KRHS and the Ritenour High School Media team.

  • Gateway2change Fifth Summit - October 27, 2015

    Students 6th Summit  
    On Tuesday, October 27 more than 330 high school students from 33 area high schools met again at Ritenour High School to continue their work on the "STL Student Summit on Race." The theme of this first Gateway2change event of the 2015-16 school year is Activating Hope and student participants reflected on their values and self-perception. Using design thinking, compassionate communication and "empathy and hope" interviews students worked together to increase their understanding of different perspectives on race and relationships.