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    Highlights from the Parkway South and Soldan ISHS change agent project at Pilgrim Congregational United Church
    Soldan/Parkway Collage  

    Sibling School Program

    The Sibling Schools (Sister & Brother) program grew out of a student idea which originated at the January 15, 2015 Student Summit on Race. The Sibling Schools program involves school partnerships where two schools are paired with one another. With the support of two adult sponsors per school, students from around the St. Louis community are afforded the opportunity to visit one another’s schools in order to forge bonds and foster understanding around difficult topics like race. Creative students and sponsors from participating schools have the autonomy to craft a sibling school partnership that best meets their specific needs. Some schools have partnered to learn what daily life is like at their sibling school and research how factors like race and socioeconomics affect perceptions. Other schools have crafted intentional programs to engage students in relationship building and foster deeper understanding.


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    Ultimately, via the Sibling School program that they envisioned and actualized, students are helping to learn more about their peers in other parts of St. Louis and how diversity can serve as a powerful strength.

       Video courtesy of KRHS Media