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    Gateway2change Student Summits on Race inspire and motivate young people to become leaders for positive change in their local community. This unique approach helps young people engage in purposeful conversations about the social and cultural differences that exist within the St. Louis region.

    The movement, which began following tragic events in Ferguson, has served more than 400 students representing 38 high schools throughout the St. Louis region. Annual cohorts of students participate in summits facilitated by program staff and community partners. Students learn from local and national experts to explore how social and cultural differences influence individual life experiences and perspectives. Students apply problem-solving models to develop solutions for regional issues related to social and cultural difference, diversity and equity.
    As Gateway2change launches its third cohort of students in the 2016-17 school year, the initiative seeks to engage the regional business community. This strategy invites business officials to share real-world challenges that companies and communities are facing in the areas of social and cultural difference, diversity and equity. Collaborative teams of students will explore these challenges using problem-solving models that foster engaging learning opportunities that are relevant to both the students and the community.
    Thank you for your interest in the Gateway2change Movement. Together we can impact positive change in our community!

    Dr. Jen Tiller
    Chief Academic Officer