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    Hello C+ Colleagues -

    I hope your new school year has taken off on a positive journey of successes! I am sure most of you have heard about Character Day, but in case not, please check out Characterday.org. Next Thursday, September 22 is International Character Day! It will be a great day to start bringing positive change in our schools and communities.

    We’ll be spreading the word about Character Day on Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. on Fox2 News Midday and again at 12:00 p.m. on News 11 at Noon.

    We’re asking all of our schools, if possible, to set aside some time at 9:22 a.m. on 9/22 to participate in their Character Day activities. Use one of the films and discussion guides available here or do something else focused and relevant around what it means to be a good person, good neighbor, good citizen or good student. If you can’t do it at 9:22 a.m., take some time out during the day on September 22 to host conversations around who we are as humans. Hold courageous conversations during class meetings around the events that are happening around us every day. Provide an opportunity for the students to voice their opinions. Give them time to suggest ideas to make a difference and start a movement for CHANGE.

    September 22 is just one day, but the good news is that these resources are available year-round. Learn more and sign up here. It will only take 2 minutes! We want our region to have the most representation in the world!

    CharacterPlus would love to share in your Character Day experiences. Please send us photos, lesson plans, etc. that highlights your participation in this world wide event and we will showcase these and share with other member schools- forward these Kristen Pelster. Follow us on Facebook to share, and see what others have shared, as well!

    If you need help with your Character Day activities or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, 314.692.1252 or email Erin Lee who will connect you with your district liaison.

    We can’t wait to receive all of your great Character Day stories!

    Remember, we are your partner in character success. We measure our impact by YOUR successes!

    Dr. Julie Sperry
    Dr. Julie Sperry
    Executive Director of CharacterPlus
    Director of Leadership


    New CharacterPlus Team


    We are so pleased to welcome new members to our already amazing team of dedicated consultants. With Suzy Ward leaving and the impending retirement of Diane Stirling, it was imperative we find new colleagues who shared the same vision, passion and dogged determination to make positive impacts in schools. Although Suzy and Diane’s commitment and expertise are second to none, we are so excited to welcome our new staff members. They are already enhancing current relationships while fostering new connections. We look forward to the future accomplishments of this new, phenomenal team!

    Pictured left to right: Shenekia Weeks, Nicole Diehl, Audrey Jackson, Julie Sperry, Kristen Pelster, Trish Munson, Tami Bopp, Diane Stirling, Tiffiny Creech, Jean Russell, Erin Lee and Julie Knost.

    Who You Gonna Call?

    IBlue Telephonen an effort to meet your needs, we have implemented a new School/District Liaison program. Every district and school has a C+ staff member as their one stop / point of contact. This person will help get you the information you need and help you plan your character journey. Instead of wondering, “Who should I call for….?” – you just need to know the one person to contact. If you have not heard from your specific C+ Liaison yet, you will be this week. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are all here to serve your needs. We want you to be successful in your Character Endeavors!

    2016-2017 District Leader Kick Off: Mission Possible

    On Tuesday, September 6 more than 50 superintendents and C+ district leaders attended the opening meeting held at City Museum. This amazing venue provided the perfect backdrop for our foundational year in the CharacterPlus journey. Leaders were immersed in conversation around clarity and coherence and what that means to their role. Moving forward, it is important that we all have the same vision and mission as to our roles and expected outcomes.
    As the District Leaders continue the Mission Possible: Coherence Journey in upcoming meetings, they will be collaborating around Michael Fullan’s new book, Coherence and will have the opportunity to hear and see him when he comes to EducationPlus in January. We look forward to growing our leadership capacities together.

    State School of Character

    State School of Character LogoWe encourage you all to make a goal to complete the State School of Character Application. This process can be daunting, but can serve as an excellent audit of your school culture and climate. We encourage every school to go through this. You will be better for it! We can help you every step of the way. On September 27, we offer the first in a series of SSOC workshops to help you understand the process and its intended outcomes. It is a free workshop for our members. CharacterPlus has also contracted with Character.org to pay for your application - so it is a free, amazing, thorough audit of your 10 essential implementation.

    Are You Certified, Yet?
    Certified Stamp image
    If you have new staff, or staff who hasn’t completed their journey, now is the time to sign them up to become certified in Character Education. The necessary three courses are offered two times throughout the school year: Character Development and Education; Essentials of the CharacterPlus Process; and Effective Methods of Character Ed.
    These three courses help deepen understanding, develop a like mindset and build capacity for creating an amazing culture of learning for our students. See the CharacterPlus Calendar of Events for our member schools. Sign up by going to the EdPlus website or call Erin Lee at 314.692.1252.

    C+ Student Summits

    Want to give your students voice and help empower them? CharacterPlus hosts annual student summits; two for MS students and two for HS students.
    If you would like us to help plan a specific summit just for your students on a specific topic, just ask. We love helping students use their voice for positive change!


    CharacterPlus Executive Advisory Board Member Spotlight

    Khalia Collier is the owner and general manager of the St. Louis women’s professional basketball team, The St. Louis Surge. In August, the team clenched the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) 2016 National Championship in San Antonio, Texas. This is the team’s second national championship. Khalia joined the CharacterPlus Executive Advisory Board in January of 2016.
    Check out The St. Louis Surge at stlsurgebasketball.com

    2016-17 Calendar
    2016-17 CharacterPlus calendar

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