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    Public education is foundational to strong communities and critical to the development of a prepared workforce. Missouri public schools are improving. The investment and support of the public school's innovative approach to educating our children is critical to the success of our state.

    Flexibility for Innovation

    We support innovation for public schools to create more equitable learning opportunities for positive educational outcomes for all children.
    ‣ We support the recommendations of the MASA Show-Me Accreditation & Assessment Task Force, including pilot programs that inform practices with lead to improved student learning (e.g. academic achievement, personal responsibility, workforce readiness). 
    ‣ We support the recommendations from the DESE Proficiency-Based Task Force.
    ‣ We support and encourage partnerships between public high schools and post-secondary institutions. 

     Support Local Control and Professional Educators

    Federal and state mandates are eroding local control of Missouri public school districts and restricting the ability of our public school leaders and teachers to effectively meet the needs of all children. We call on the General Assembly to support local control to enable public school districts to create initiatives that will guarantee success for all Missouri children.
    ‣ We support local decisions by public schools on issues regarding bonding, teacher compensation, school calendar, curriculum and district boundaries.
    ‣ We support public school district input on local economic development incentives.
    ‣We support keeping local dollars in their communities under the accountability and oversight of locally elected school boards. 

      Serving Students with Critical Needs

    We are committee to the education and overall well-being of all children. We support funding of initiatives to provide training, services and resource to public school districts that meet the critical needs of all children. 


    ‣ We support continued Medicaid funding for school services.
    ‣ We support public schools using a trauma-informed approach to provide access to necessary services to address mental health needs, improve children's health and provide teacher training.
    ‣ We support providing resources to help struggling public school districts. 


    Meeting our Financial Responsibility

    Missouri public schools remain underfunded. It is critical that the General Assembly fund Missouri public schools and invest in the future of more than 900,000 Missouri public school children.