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    Buying Opportunities
    1. Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) Vendors

    Throughout the year schools and school districts can take advantage of large discounts from vendors that participate in AEPA's 26 state educational cooperative. Through combined volume purchases, AEPA provides deep discounts. AEPA creates bids that are nationally bid meeting local and state guidelines. EdPlus Cooperative Purchasing professionals are available to discuss this process with School District employees and/or Board Members. Contact Sarah Golliday at 314.692.1235 or Caitlin Morgan at 314.692.1226 to make arrangements.

    2. EdPlus Partners
    Special pricing agreements with EdPlus Partners offer Exceptional Value. Many of these contracts are sole source contracts with negotiated pricing based on volume. For additional information, contact Sarah Golliday at 314.692.1235 or Caitlin Morgan at 314.692.1225.
    EdPlus is the Missouri Representative to AEPA.