• Blended Online Learning & Teaching Academy

    How do we engage and include all learner in their own learning experiences? You re invited to participate in a multi-session academy that explorse the facets of online teaching and learning. Educators just like you are doing amazing things through online and blended learning opportunities, providing students experiences that are fae beyond what's possible in the traditional classroom. As educators, we must prepare students to live in a world without physical boundaries and help students learn how to work with others, vitrually or otherwise.

    Participants in theis blended learning academy receive one day of attendance at the METC conference and will explore: 


    • Blended and online learning apps like Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas & Moodle
    • Best practices & strategies to individualize instruction, including flipped learning
    • Online etiquette using digital citizenship & character education methods
    • Effective communication, collaboration and learning techniques using social media
    • Video and web conferencing using tools like Skyle, Google Hangouts, Lync and Facetime
    • Online courses like iTunes U, FuelEd, Khan Academy and MOOC's
    • Collaboratve technologies such as Google Apps for Education
    • Personal Learning Networks that are valuable in teaching and learning online.