• All bids through the EducationPlus cooperative purchasing program meet Missouri statutes for competitive bidding –– saving districts time and money.

    Membership In EdPlus Cooperative Purchasing Is FREE, But EdPlus Members Receive An Additional 3% Discount. 

    Cooperative Purchasing is a leading Missouri coop providing procurement resources and solutions to school districts in Missouri. The cooperative purchasing program combines low prices for high quality services and name-brand products with a turn-key program saving your district time and money.

    Consolidate all your school orders using our easy to use online ordering system.


    Cooperative Purchasing professionals handle problems that arise, including refunds, exchanges and returns.

    Serving Purchasing Needs of School Districts since 1928

    For additional information, contact Sarah Golliday, 314.692.1235 or Cailtin Morgan, 314.692.1226.