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    The REAP(Regional Education Applicant Placement) system is designed to assist school districts in securing qualified applicants to meet the specific needs of the district. REAP provides a national, and regional database of applications for teaching, administrative and support staff positions. For more information, visit www.MOREAP.net


    Participating school districts search the REAP database to find the most qualified applicants for the position posted.

    REAP saves time and money because it:

    Allows districts to post jobs on Internet that are automatically posted on our national USREAP web site.

    Reduces the cost of searching for candidates.

    Provides up to date applicant information.

    Provides quick and efficient retrieval of applicant information.

    Eliminates the storage requirements of paper applications.

    Allows e-mails to be sent to interested applicants about new job postings in the subject areas that they have expressed interest.

    Allows applicants to express interest in district job postings on-line.

    Allows applicants to attach resumes, letters or recommendations and transcripts to their applications.

    The REAP process eliminates much of the repetitious effort of the job-hunting process. In the past, applicants had to travel from district to district taking several hours to fill out each application. REAP removes the hassles. Candidates fill out ONE application and update this application throughout their career. This is a FREE service to applicants. Just go to www.MOREAP.net to search our job postings or for more information on this program. REAP is available in many other states and there is a National USREAP. net site. If you are interested in other REAP states simply click on REAP States once your on MOREAP.net. If you would like more information or have questions simply click on the HELP DESK for information on how to contact us.


    If security is a concern, applicants can be assured their information is safe with us. All Human Resource centers must adhere to our Member Service Agreement. In addition, applicant information is stored on one of the most secure systems available, the IBM AS/400. All information between the browser is sent via 128 bit data encryption. Quite simply, that means no one can intercept and decrypt applicant information before it reaches our servers; and once there, applicant information is on the most secure system available.


    For More Information about REAP call James Killion at 314-692-1205 or jkillion@edplus.org