• School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

    Q: What is School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS)?
    A: SW-PBS is a framework for creating safe and orderly learning environments in schools, while improving the social-emotional outcomes for students. It is a proactive approach that relies on research based practices, including developing clear behavioral expectations, teaching these expectations, acknowledging appropriate behavior, consistently correcting inappropriate behavior, and using behavioral data to systematically solve problems. SW-PBS is built on a three tiered model that provides additional behavioral supports to students who are not responding to the tier 1 interventions. 

    Q: What Are the Benefits of School-wide Positive Behavior Support? 
    A: Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support is an Evidenced Based Process which has been shown to improve:

    ✓ School Climate
    ✓ Student Achievement
    ✓ Attendance
    ✓ Student success
    ✓ Decrease challenging behaviors
    ✓ Reduce suspension and referral rates

    When schools employ effective systems, practices and data-based decision-making consistently and with fidelity, desired outcomes are achievable across all three tiers.

    Positive Behavior Support Outcomes

    Outcomes – the academic, social and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families and educators
    Systems – the supports that are needed to enable accurate and durable implementation of the practices of PBS by all staff
    Data – the information that is used to identify the current status, the need for change, and the effects of interventions
    Practices – the evidence-based interventions and strategies that are taught and structure the way staff interact with students