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    High Impact Instructional Strategies Webinars
    ISTE Certification for Educators Online

    Project-Based Learning 101

    Explore how to utilize each of John Hattie’s high impact instructional strategies to impact student learning. Discussions will include techniques that can be utilized in face-to-face, hybrid and virtual learning environments.




    Restorative Practices is a framework for building community through authentic dialogue and responding to harmful behavior through processes that establish accountability, develop empathy and seek to make things right.  This framework deepens the community experience for all students and staff and adds a restorative option to traditional discipline, rather than replacing it.


    Based on the Buck Institute for Education's Gold Standard PBL, this deep dive will provide attendees with the tools needed to implement project based learning. The Gold Standard PBL is a comprehensive, research-informed model to help teachers, schools and organizations measure, calibrate and improve their practice.


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    Begins October 9
    November 10 - 12




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