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    Democracy at Risk: The Holocaust and Human Behavior

    This seminar integrates restorative practices with the focus on community building circles in the midst of studying the Holocaust and human behavior--which will allow your students to wrestle with profound moral questions while fostering their skills in ethical and moral reasoning, critical analysis, empathy and civic engagement.


    Equity Primer

    This primer explores the common experiences of various social identities; help you evaluate your schools and classrooms through the lens of stakeholders lived experiences; and create communities that mirror positive lived experiences and earnestly aims not to mirror negative lived experiences.


    ISTE Certification for Educators

    Based on ISTE Standards, this unique certification is designed to help PK-12 educators rethink and redesign learning activities with technology to engage students in real-world, authentic and active learning.


    February 24 - 26
    February 27
    March 12 - 13





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