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Morning Sessions


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morning sessions

A Blended Approach to Mathematics Instruction

Kelly Skubic, Visitation Academy of St. Louis

Learn a variety of mathematics teaching styles and strategies and how they are applied in an upper elementary classroom with diverse learners.

Apply a variety of mathematics teaching strategies to problems at an elementary and middle school level.

Gain a variety of mathematics strategies to use in your classroom the next day.

Strands: Design

Asset-Driven Approaches to Student Innovation

Leena Bakshi McLean, Keynote Speaker

Explore strategies for applying multiple means of representation and expression within the context of student innovation practices ensuring that students can engage with instructional content and design challenges in ways that resonate with their individual strengths and learning styles through a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lens.

Delve into the critical role of identity in designing science and engineering practices. Discuss how acknowledging and respecting students' identities can enhance the quality of instruction and encourage participation in the practices of real-world innovation, science and engineering.

Gain knowledge and practical tools to lead the way in transforming learning into a more inclusive, empowering and identity-affirming experience for all students. Become an educational leader who champions the assets and potential within every learner, all while embracing the essential student practices that drive innovation and discovery.

Strands: Leadership, Design

Enhancing Education Through Inclusivity

Sarah Walsh, Visitation Academy of St. Louis

Learn about the tools available through the "Inclusive CS Teaching" website to help make your lessons and classrooms more inclusive.

Use scenario-based activities to examine your spaces and lessons to find ways to make them more inclusive. Gain actionable takeaways to make meaningful changes in your physical environments and daily interactions with students.

Strands: Culture, Belonging

From Form to Document with Autocrat

Don Jeffries, Grandview R-2 School District

Explore how Reading Success Plans, walk-through evaluations and so much more can be created easier with the use of the Google Autocrat, which allows Google Forms to become polished documents.

Learn how to create Reading Success Plans just by inputting data and goals into a Google Form.

Gain strategies on how to use Autocrat to create any type of document that teachers, principals and other school personnel create on a regular basis.

Strands: Leadership, Technology

Learn Like a YouTuber

Matt Miller, Keynote Speaker

Let’s face it. Your students spend lots of time on YouTube, and they probably have their favorite YouTubers. Let’s take popular styles of YouTube videos and turn them into learning experiences!

Learn how you -- and your students! -- can make top 10 videos, unboxing videos and more as a demonstration of learning.

Explore how to make learning feel like students' favorite video platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, and see engagement soar!

Strands: Design, Technology

Making Sub Plans Easier Through Seesaw

Marie Schroeder and Samantha Shallenberger, Orchard Farm School District

Learn how to make your own sub plan templates to use in your classroom.

Create and utilize sub plans through Seesaw.

Implement sub plans for your classroom.

Strands: Technology  

Math Instruction: Journeys Over Destination

Kristen Taylor, Equity Matters Consulting

Explore how the journey of math problem solving impacts student understanding.

Examine instructional strategies that align with a focus on the journey.

Create a math journey at any grade level of math problem solving that enhances student success.

Strands: Design, Belonging

Mystery in the Classroom: Using ClassKick to Refresh Your Lesson Plans

Elizabeth Tarr and Kathryn King, The Indianapolis Public Library

Learn how a ClassKick mystery can refresh your lesson plans and engage students in multimodal learning.

Solve a mystery using ClassKick.

Gain ideas for designing a ClassKick mystery for your students.

Strands: Design, Technology

Simulated Classroom Technology to Enhance Cadet Teaching Programs

Justine Callaway and Stephanie Mahfound, Webster University and Kerry Arrens, Webster Groves School District

Gain new knowledge about classroom simulation technology and its benefits, a program overview from the WGHS Grow Your Own teaching program and strategies for enhancing your own program, and information about dual credit courses with Webster University.

Learn how to embed these technologies within a teacher preparation program including the benefits and challenges.

Explore your own applications of these technologies and ask questions.

Generate ideas about how this technology can be applied to your own environment.

Strands: Technology

Teacher Externship and Client-Connected Projects

Marc Tiernan and Julie Durham, Wentzville School District

Learn how to run an externship at your school and bring client-connected projects into the classroom.

Use learning to plan for a teacher externship experience in your district.

Gain a blueprint needed to conduct a teacher externship and create client-connected projects.

Strands: Culture, Design