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SSA 25th Anniversary

Join us at our 25th annual conference designed to celebrate support staff! Enjoy keynote speaker Angela Garland as she shares her story of taking action and risks to strengthen her leadership skills. You will leave inspired and propelled to move forward in your endeavors.

Registration includes morning refreshments, a keynote, more than 20 breakout sessions, lunch and a full day of fun, learning & growth.


Keynote Presenter Angela Garland

Angela GarlandAngela Garland has been inspiring business owners and corporate teams to “Take Action” for more than 12 years. She is the founder and owner of Exit 11 Workspace and Xpresso Coffee House and has been involved with the start-up of multiple small companies and coaching hundreds of first-time business owners over the last decade.
Angela’s drive to push through to take action and risks proven inspirational to those around her and strengthened her leadership skills. Being remarkably grounded and refreshingly honest, Angela will propel you forward and inspire your every moment. 

 Breakout Session Preview:

Beyond Hello
JoAnn Greenwell, Pattonville School District
Greetings, smiles, and eye contact may be standard customer-service training in the retail industry, but it is vital in schools as well. While education is a profession that provides a service, most staff doesn't think of themselves as service providers who fulfill customer needs. We will explore the many ways we interact with people and how to provide excellent customer service. 

Creating a Trauma Informed Community
Sherri Kulpa, EducationPlus
As part of the school community, you have the opportunity to make a positive difference every day, but where you're faced with an upset child, or an angry parent or staff member, it can be difficult to know how to respond. This session encourages participants to see the world through the lens of trauma in order to approach challenges in a new way and create healthier homes, workplaces and organization by making small changes for big impact.
Dare to Dream – Find Your Inner Super Hero
Angela Garland, Take Action Time
So much of our time is spent at our jobs, but we are not defined only by what we do in our careers. This session will help you figure out what your passion is and how to pursue it while also having joy where you are today. You will also learn about networking with others inside and outside your district to take small action steps towards your goals. 

De-escalation Strategies for All
DeAun Blumberg, St. Louis RPDC
Nobody likes to feel out-of-control, but unfortunately, sometimes feelings of rage or fear can trigger an episode where an individual reacts in ways that make it difficult for others to help. In your role, you are the front-line support for many of the school's clients. As you master these tools, you will be empowered to help individuals who are feeling out of control while maintaining a calm, safe environment. 

Diversity: The Art of Thinking Independently Together
Shenekia Weeks, CharacterPlus 
How does your organization connect with the diverse individuals that work there? How about diverse clients? Through an interactive presentation, this workshop will address the fundamentals of Cultural Competency - effectively communicating and working with people from difference cultural backgrounds.
Fast Foods for the Famished
Brooke Prickett and Bev Boyd, St. Louis RPDC 
Come join us and learn to prep and pack various healthy snacks and meals that fit into the hectic school schedules we all keep. Our focus will be on healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks that can be made ahead and eaten on the go. 
It's all about Relationships:  How your role with students, parents and colleagues can transform their day and yours!
Vanessa Cochran, St. Louis RPDC
Working in a school, your job is just as important as the teachers and administrators. You're role also helps define the kind of day you and your colleague experience. Join me to learn, share, and discuss ways we can positively impact others in our educational role.
Let It Go: Say Goodbye to Stress and Get Organized
Janet Altmann, Mehlville School District 
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to home, office or life in general? Want to stop the madness and feel more relaxed? You can change your life and take back the control with a little help! Learn tips on home and office organization and explore what you can do to take the necessary steps to change your life.
Relationships, Feedback, Reflection
Jamie Mehring & Beth Tobin, St. Louis RPDC
Come join us for a collaborative session on customer relationships, effective feedback, and reflection tools to support the work you do with and for our schools. During this time you will have the opportunity to share, learn new strategies, and ask questions pertaining to the topics. We look forward to having you join us! 

Retirement Strategy Workshop for PEERS Members
Keith Klusmeyer, Retirement Solutions 
It's never too early to start planning for retirement! In this session you will explore PEERS laws, benchmarks and concepts; opportunities for purchasing service credit; pension options (monthly and partial lump sum); and related social security concepts. Start planning for the future today! 
Supporting English Learners and their families with Google Translate and iPads
Debra Cole, St. Louis RPDC 
Front office personnel are often the first people English Learners and their families encounter when arriving at school for the first time. Are you ready and confident to interact with your new arrivals? This session will provide tips, tricks and tech for communicating and effectively removing cultural and linguistic barriers for English Learners. Participants will also have time for planning a "welcome to school" process specific to their school or district. 
Working Smarter: Using G-suite to Make Your Work More Efficient
Brandi Genenbacher, St. Louis RPDC
Are you wondering how you can work collaboratively with others on the same document at the same time? Would you like to be able to create and send out surveys at no-cost to you or your district? Come learn about Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets. Also, learn how to share safely within and outside of your school organization. 


 Session Strands:                        Schedule of Events:    
        8:00-8:30  Check-in

‣ Health & Wellness 

      8:30-9:20  Opening Session
       9:30-10:20  Break-out 1
       10:30-11:20  Break-out 2
Technology Integration       11:30-12:15  Lunch

     12:30-1:20  Break-out 3
       1:30-2:20  Break-out 4
Customer Service       2:30-3:20  Break-out 5
       3:30-4:00  Closing Session
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June 8  
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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