Membership Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of EducationPlus, contact Matt Deichmann at 314.692.1233 or

To learn what services are available to members at the three membership levels, visit our membership page.

Helpful District Information

Schools Summary Calendar
Click here for an excel file that provides a 2015-2016 calendar summary of EducationPlus member school districts. The summaries feature:
•First/Last days of school
Spring Break days
•Winter Break days
•Staff Development days
•Student Attendance days
•Number of Parent/Teacher Conference Days

Not all districts are included in this file. The information is correct as of July 20, 2015. Check back at a later date for updates or contact the district directly.


School Statistics
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provides school district profiles for all 524 school districts in Missouri. Click here to visit the Web site for statistical data, including test scores, of schools and school districts in Missouri.


School Directory
The Missouri School Directory, published by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is available online. Download school district contact information from this site. Click here to visit the site.


School Superintendents and Admin
Current list, July 2015, of member districts superintendents.

Our Mission

is to focus and mobilize the leadership, talents and resources of member districts and the region to help prepare students for success in their world.

Our Vision

is to be the region’s premier educational resource and a global leader at the forefront of advocacy and innovation, delivering customized educational solutions, anticipating student needs and expanding effective learning for all.

Core Values and Beliefs

• All students are at the core of our work and should be the driving force behind our decision-making.

• Working collaboratively and sharing ideas and resources is necessary to accomplish our goals.

• Providing quality leadership in educational innovation and educational equity.

• Continuous learning is essential in achieving success for all.

• Advocacy at the community, state, federal and international levels is critical for achieving our mission.

• Serving and responding to the needs of member districts.

Member Districts

EducationPlus is a non-profit education consortium that serves teachers, administrators, support staff and school board members in 60 public school districts in eight Missouri counties and three Illinois counties. The mission of EdPlus is to provide member school districts with high-quality and cost-effective services, resources and leadership to achieve educational excellence for all students. The following public school districts are members of and served by EducationPlus: Our Members


formerly Cooperating School Districts