Pre-conference Workshops
Tuesday, July 26 
EducationPlus, 1460 Craig Road, St. Louis, Missouri

Lunch is provided for those attending both 3 hour workshops.

P03: Emotion Coaching: Teaching Emotional Intelligence & Moral Behaviors 
(9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Michael Hylen, Associate Professor, Asbury University, K-12
This workshop will focus on the benefits of a coaching approach that helps students build positive social skills and mature emotionally. Relationship building skills and the benefits of such an approach are emphasized. Educators will see the benefit of empathy and building trusted relationships in teaching moral behaviors and positive social skills.

P04: Activities You Can Use to Build Respect & Unity (1:00 - 4:00 pm)
Ted Wohlfarth, Executive Director, ENTEAM, K-12

This workshop will include hands-on activities that have been proven successful in uniting students from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic classes. The foundation for these activities is in cooperative learning, game theory and character education. These can be done in class and between classrooms to build respect and unity among diverse students and will nurture higher-order thinking and foster friendships. Each participant will receive a workbook with instructions for using the activities.


CharacterPlus is located on the EducationPlus Campus
1460 Craig Road St. Louis Missouri 63146 | 314.692-1276 | map directions



Pre-Conference Workshop Pricing

Half Day (3 hour) Workshops
$75 (CharacterPlus member)
$85 (regular)



Lunch is included for those that attend both half day workshops.

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